Why Choose British Gates

British Gates have hand manufactured quality entrance and field gates for over 80 years. Not only do we make a range of standard gates as seen on our website, we also make one of a kind gates made to suit your personal preferences.


British Gates approach to quality is consistent accross our entire range of gates. British Gates produce hand crafted gates, constructed for strength and durability. The timber for our gates is specially selected to ensure a more stable gate that is built to last.


All of our gates are hand assembled by skilled craftsmen using traditional woodworking skills and expertise to produce attractive and distinctive gates.


Established in 1935, British Gates have been making quality hand made gates for over 80 years. Aquired in 2013 by J H Young Ltd, British gates is still a family run business putting great care and attention into each and every gate that we produce.

  1. 1 Made in Britain
  2. 2 Skilled Craftsmen
  3. 3 Built for Strength and Durability
  4. 4 Hand Crafted
  5. 5 Fit to Last
  1. 6 Hand Making Gates for over 80 Years
  2. 7 Great Care and Attention
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